Outside the classroom

At Go Spanish we firmly believe that successful learning will happen when students enjoy what they do. And this does not happen ‘just’ in the classroom! That is why we offer a plethora of options to choose from, ranging from ‘2-3 hour’ activities to ‘weekend’ outings:

Mercado del Puerto

A two-century old warehouse converted into a complex full of restaurants and traditional ‘parrilladas’. Go there, have lunch or dinner, and you’ll never forget it!

Walking Tour Downtown & Old City

Get to know the once walled-in city and the hustle and bustle of its downtown, its secrets, its nooks, its scents… as if you had been born here.

Estadio Centenario

With or without a crowd, this colossus will knock the breath out of you. The first FIFA World Cup was played here… and guess who won?

Shopping Centers

Both within walking distances from our school, MONTEVIDEO SHOPPING CENTER and PUNTA CARRETAS SHOPPING CENTER offer the best, the most, the latest.

Promenade Ride-A-Bike

A favourite among the locals, ride a bicycle along the ‘rambla’, where the city and the sea meet…

Montevideo City Tour

From the top deck of a double-decker Montevideo looks great! On top of it, you will learn+see+enjoy amazing views of incredibly beautiful city spots.

Vineyard and wine-making

Visit a wine-making ‘bodega’ and see/taste why Uruguayan wines have taken the world wine market by storm.


Unlike most capital cities in the world, Montevideo offers white sandy beaches on the Rio de la Plata, ‘un rio tan ancho como mar’, which make it the number 1 tourist destination in the country.

Sports Clubs

Right on the promenade, overlooking the sea, a chance to do sports (football, sailing, swimming, etc.) or simply bask under the sun.

Tango Lessons

After the sun sets, dancing to the tango will probably become a memory you will want to treasure, as this rhythm gets under your skin, the same way it has been happening for decades.

And concerts, gigs, street markets, craft markets, flea markets… a never-ending list of attractions to fully savour what Montevideo has to offer! Now, if you are ready to pack a light bag, take the weekend off and would like to see more of the country, then let’s head to…

Colonia del Sacramento

Declared Universal Heritage Site by UNESCO, probably the oldest settlement in Uruguay, will definitely impress visitors with its cobbled streets, tiled roofs and unparalleled beauty.

Punta del Este

Recognised among the trendiest, coolest must-visit places in the world, ‘Punta’ is consistently chosen as ‘the spot’ by trend-setters… understandably, since it caters for absolutely every wish and desire.

Punta del Diablo

It takes one visit to ‘Punta del Diablo’ to understand why it is one irresistible summer sea-side hot-spot for locals and visitors alike. Crystal-clear ocean water, awesome beaches, intense night-life… What else might you be looking for?

Villa Serrana

The natural, unparalleled beauty of Villa Serrana, its landscapes, its people, its home-made food… a hilly area where hiking results in sheer pleasure… We all know you will want to go back!